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This recent article gives a nice summary of the state of H2 fuel cell vehicles in the U.S. and around the world with a focus on describing plans by a company out of Utah (Nikola) to develop a nation-wide H2 refueling network for hybrid H2/electric tractor trailers or semis:


You can see a map of the approximate locations of the planned fueling stations here. “Big rigs” are an exciting opportunity for H2 fuel cells because their larger size (fuel tanks) can be leveraged to give them a long range (distance traveled between fueling), and unlike an average private vehicle, it’s more common for a truck to a few well-defined routes. Thus, an early fleet of trucks can get by on fewer fueling stations.  Importantly, an analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists notes in this  article that although big rigs only make up 7-10% of the vehicles on the road, they consume 25% of the fuel.

Although the H2 refueling network in the US is currently confined to California, the article above reports that a network of stations will soon be installed in the Northeast, and points out that extensive systems are in place or being built in other countries in the world like Denmark, Japan, and Germany.